Hello, we're Storeys

Storeys runs creative arts projects for care experienced young people and children at risk of exclusion. Through our group sessions, we challenge our participants to explore their creativity, dig deep, and produce a portfolio of work that they can be proud of. This work is showcased in a celebratory exhibition at the end of the project. 

Our projects tackle topics relating to a young person's emotional wellbeing. We feel that emotional wellbeing is the foundation on which to build up the storeys of your life - hence our name. 


If you're a Young person

Find out what it's like to take part in Storeys, what art you might create and how we build self expression.

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If you're a potential client

Find out more about our projects, impact and range of bespoke packages.

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Keep up to date with the latest from the Storeys team and the young people who've participated in the projects.

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